Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Urbana Sweet Corn Festival 2012

I am so excited to say that since moving to the Champaign Urbana area I was privileged to be a part of the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival 2012!  This was the first large, carnival type event The Joy of Facepainting had ever done and it was a great success.  It was such an amazing event.  Together, with help from my husband, Jesse, we kept our line flowing and brought lots of smiles to the famous Sweet Corn Festival.  What a pleasure for a fresh from the plains of Colorado girl to be a part of this long-standing and classic festival! 

            I had so much fun painting a variety of people from the C/U area.  There were both adults and children – including one inspiring woman in her mid-80’s telling me to live my life NOW and that she was going to get a tattoo, another woman who was feisty and fanciful in showcasing her childlike desire to wear a rainbow butterfly whether her partner liked it or not, boys shouting in excitement over their full face dragons as well as one tender-hearted little girl who touched me with her sweet soft spoken nature.  The reality is that every person I painted was incredible, whether I got to see that or not at the time.  This was the overwhelming sense that I was left with from the festival.  Though I was exhausted after it ended late in the evening hours on Saturday, I was left with a deep, heartfelt appreciation for the ability to interact with so many special people. 
            Thank you to all my fellow Illinoisians who let me have the opportunity to paint some of my beautiful art on your gorgeous faces!!!  You all inspire me!

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