Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy's Birthday Party

Colorado tends to dish out its share of unpredictable weather.  You know this if you have lived here for even a few weeks.  One of our oft-quoted jokes is, “You don’t like the weather?  Well, just wait five minutes.”  Even this past January, when the rest of the nation was in the throes of winter, we had a few days of temperatures in the 70’s. 

Usually though, one can expect lots and lots of sun – especially from May through September.  However, this May has not seen lots and lots of sun, and it has indeed been a rollercoaster of unpredictable weather.  From 40’s to 80’s we’ve had quite the range and this past Saturday was no different.  A few days before Saturday it was in the 80’s and then it started raining a cold spring rain, which continued through the weekend.

Meanwhile a little doll of a girl named Joy (what a great name!!!) was turning 4 and her parents had decided they would book a facepainter for her birthday party on Saturday.  They, being veteran Coloradans, planned that if it was sunny we would all have a ton of fun in the park.  But if it rained then the party would remain at the house.  Suffice it to say Saturday came and it was another day of rain so we stayed at home and had an absolute blast! 

Down I trekked with my facepainting gear to the basement where I discovered a brilliant father who had bought a delightful bouncehouse for his two kids.  “It’s paid for itself several times over,” he announced with a smile upon his face.  And with the way little children love to run, jump, roll, slide etc etc to burn off energy I was filled with admiration for this savy father’s idea.  There was no doubt – having a bouncehouse in your basement is pure genius.  It’s a child’s dream come true! 

So next to a charming bouncing house of fun, and children, I set up my gear and began dishing out even more colorful fun!!!  I painted pink flowers and red spidermen and lots of wonderful designs.  One lovely little girl climbed into my chair and promptly asked, “Do you know my name is Evelyn?”  “Well hello Evelyn,” I smiled.  She then asked very specifically to become a “yellow and blue puppy dog.”  As you can see, she made an amazing puppy dog!

Little Joy at first declined to be painted.  As her Daddy said, “She likes to hold off and check things out first before she dives in.”  Of course he was right.  Towards the end Joy decided it was time and climbed up in my chair smiling and saying, “Princess.” 

Thus it came to be that on her 4th birthday Joy became a little princess with a lovely metallic pink & white design and glitter and a jewel to set it all off.  She was beautiful as she grinned and ran away to play! 

It is amazing to paint beautiful colors on a child’s face and add some glitter and see giggling smiles erupt.  I have to say, though, that what is even more amazing is that I have the privilege of helping to celebrate the reality that each and every little child is a little prince or princess already.  I know that from before little Joy was ever born she was already destined to be a princess and no matter where she goes, who she meets, or what she becomes she will always be a princess to her mommy and daddy and to those who have eyes to see.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day little Princess Joy!!! J