Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Joy of Facepainting Premieres in Central Illinois

Face Painting in Normal IL at Meatheads
How exciting!

So my family and I have been in Champaign for a little over 3 weeks now and I've already had the privilege to face paint some of my local Illinois neighbors.  The very tasty Meatheads burger joint in Normal, IL hired me to come out and paint some of their customers.  What a great place to have a burger with some friends - and on Saturday, July 14th, you were also able to get your face painted for FREE!  

The restaurant is a very welcoming place - clean, bright and filled with really nice employees.  They took care of me every step of the way, and I noticed that they did the same for the folks dining with them too.  Customer service seemed like their specialty.  What a wonderful first experience for me painting in Illinois!!!  

I was so happy to be able to paint one of their hostesses.  Her name was Annie and her brilliant smile and enthusiasm were as beautiful as the sweet little rainbow she wanted on her cheek.

I also had a couple leopards show up!!!  What do you think?  I think they look like pretty friendly felines don't you!? ;)

Face Painting in Normal IL at Meatheads
My favorite though was a little girl and her family who came in two minutes before I was done.  Painting all of them would send me past my time, but I wanted to paint them anyway - so I did!  Boy, was I rewarded.  First came two little wee boys who were so sweet.  And last came the older sister who was interpreting for her family who seemed to primarily speak Spanish.  

So I wish I had a picture of her to show you, but when this little girl looked in the mirror at her completed pink unicorn I tell you the sun came out from behind a cloud and her whole face lit up in the biggest brightest smile I've ever seen on a child.  When she said, "Thank you very much!" several times her whole body said it along with her.  She was excited from head to toe, grinning from ear to ear and her eyes were sparkling like stars.  She was sooooooooo happy! 

Simply put - I love my job.

Thank you Illinois.  I needed a 'Welcome to your new home' gig, and you gave it to me!

Peace and blessings on you wherever this finds you.

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