Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Blue

The other day I did a birthday party for a dear lady and her daughter who live around the Castle Rock area.  It was a snowy day in February and so the addition of a facepainter was a real hit!  I had some kids who got only one design, and I had others who kept coming back until they were absolutely covered! 

At one point a mom came over and asked if she could be painted with an octopus. 

“Of course,” I said excited to paint a mama. 

Usually when a mom or dad gets painted it helps other shy children to get painted too.  This was exactly what this brilliant mom had in mind.  She wanted her little 3-year-old son to get painted, but he kept quietly giving her his answer, “No.”  He would then continue playing in the toyroom – safely far removed from the colorful facepainter in the living room.