Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Color In the Grey Days of Winter

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Full Face Butterfly Face Painting
 We are now officially within the season of Winter, and although it is not my favorite season of the year it is a welcome one.  It is a renewing one.  It is a time when the natural world goes into a time of sleeping to replenish the splendor that it has shown us during spring, summer and fall.  I love my own dear sleep so I guess I will have to give fine old Mother Nature hers too. ;)

                However, some of us tend to go a little stir crazy during these colder months.  Without picnics, pools, bicycling, camping, tree houses, barbeques, bounce houses, trampolines, etc – all the fun stuff of summer, it can be challenging to find a variety of fun things to do for adults and kids.
                That is part of the beauty of face painting.  It is something that brings happiness and excitement to children and/or adults – inside or out, come rain or come shine!  A few months ago I was privileged to do a birthday party for some dear friends. 
A Darker Side Face Painting
As you can see, I love that it brought so much excitement without ever needing to go outside.  During the cold, sometimes dreary old months of January and February after the holidays have sadly departed and we are left counting the days til Spring, face painting can be a welcome activity to add to any birthday party or event!  It spices up celebrations – turning children into winter fairies, safari tigers or even superheroes.   It is such a joy to see and be a part of!.
            If you think that you would like to make me a part of your upcoming event then please give me a call today!  I would love to chat with you and I would be honored for you to choose me as a part of your special celebration!!! 


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